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Welcome Back To School

Dear Parents, Scholars, Teachers and Staff Members,

   I invite all families to join me for our Monthly Parent Meeting the third Tuesday of every month.  The link for the meeting can be found in the parent corner.  To gain access to the meeting you will need to have a Zoom Account.  

   Please take a moment to complete  The Fall 2020 School Experience Survey.  The survey will capture anonymous feedback from families, students and teachers on their experience with remote and in-person learning during the 2020-21 school year to-date. The goal of the survey is to provide me with, formative and actionable feedback that I can use to improve both remote and in-person learning experiences at our school and to assist me in planning for the spring semester. The survey asks all respondents about their experience with remote learning, communications, technology use, as well as health, safety, and instruction for those students and teachers who attended school or worked in-person at any point during this school year. All students in grades 6-12, along with parents/guardians and teachers of students in grades 3-K through 12, will be able to participate in this anonymous online survey.

Links to the survey are available at The survey will be available online through Friday, February 5.

The overall success of this school year will require each of us working closely together, listening to one another's concerns and doing our part to contribute to a positive, healthy and safe school experience.  

Continue to be safe and well,

Schwanna Ellman

Principal Ellman

Get School Alert Notifications Sent to Your Phone & Create An App Icon of Our Website on Your Mobile Device

To get the Alerts posted on the school's website sent to your phone add eChalk Notify to your home screen:

  1. Download the eChalk Notify App. Anyone can get it free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for "eChalk Notify".
  2. When you enter the login page click on "Proceed Without Logging In"-- go to settings icon -- go to + -- enter our school's alert code IK92CC -- click Connect to receive emergency alert notifications. See the eChalk Notify Quick Start Video for Parents. For quick access to the eChalk Notify app and our code, click on the yellow slide-out widget at the bottom right corner of the Home Page.

To create an app shortcut on your phone or tablet for quick access to our school's website follow these instructions:

To add our website as an App icon on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Type our school's URL - - into your mobile device's native browser window (i.e. Safari)
  2. Once the site is loaded, you'll see a rectangular icon with an up arrow in the bottom menu of the browser. Tap this button.
  3. Scroll down and select the Add to Home Screen button.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Tap the icon for your school's site on the home screen of your mobile device to launch the site.

To add our website as an App icon on your Android device:

  1. Type our school's URL - - into your mobile device's native browser window
  2. Once the app is loaded, press your device's Menu button usually located at the top right.
  3. Select Add shortcut on Homescreen.
  4. Tap the icon for your school's site on the home screen of your mobile device to launch the site.

NOTE: eChalk is the host of our website.

Job Opportunity in Food Services

Job Opportunity

What are Magnet Schools?

Magnet schools are part of the New York City Department of Education and accountable to the same state standards as all other New York City public schools. Each magnet school focuses on individually themed curricula that provides engaging and innovative learning opportunities to all students. Magnet schools attract children of various socioeconomic backgrounds, race and academic achievement levels. They promote 21st Century skills as well as creativity, teamwork, and acceptance. Magnet school students learn in vibrant environments that prepare them for future careers and successful community engagement through hands-on experience working with businesses, cultural institutions, universities and community organizations.

Makers, Inventors, Thinkers, Explorers, and Creators Welcome

Make: Students at 3D printer  Invent: Robotics  Think: learning to code  Explore: science projects  Create: student producing video on green screen